Jeppe unites behind TEAM BAILEY

TEAM BAILEY By Heather Hair Meet my niece Bailey Kinsella  – Tetrasomic 15q11.2-15q13.2, Trisomic 15q13.2-15q13.3 (IDIC15) In layman’s terms she has additional chromosome material on chromosome 15. Bailey has Global Development Delay and Speech delay,…

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Summer bodies are earned in Winter


With winter on its way we are less motivated to walk despite the numerous benefits. During winter you will burn even more calories as your body works harder to regulate your core temperature. You will…

Kaapse Hoop Marathon

Kaapse Hoop Marathon

On Saturday a big group of Jeppe runners competed in the Kaapse Hoop Marathon and it turned out to be a brutally hot day! The heat naturally took its toll on many of the runners….